Entre palmas y frailejones

(32,06 km – 19,92 millas) 2 days

2 days hike from an altitude of 2.390 meters (Cocora Valley – Wax Palms) up to 3.800 meters, passing through various vegetation and climate zones. Observation of numerous birds, such as the different species of hummingbirds, and others in their natural environment arriving in the Andean highlands with its Espeletia, commonly known as Frailejón a genus of perennial subshrubs, in the family Asteraceae.

This genus, which is endemic mainly to Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, was first formally described by botanist Alexander Von Humboldtin 1801.

Minimum Height

(7.841 pies/ft)

Maximum Height

(13.123 pies/ft)

Distance traveled

Dia 1: (A→B): 17,2 Km
Día 2: (B→A): 18,86 Km

A: Cocora Valley
B: La Primavera


We have based the levels of skill requirement using a combination among the terrain conditions along with the methal and physical conditions of the participants for each trek. 

These route is Challengine Mountain Hike *( check on FAQ for further information)



It is a 2days hike, along valleys and mountains towards the limits to the South Part of  Parque Nacional Los Nevados. The day begins at 6:30am with a big breakfast, then heading for Cocora Valley on a Jeep (Willys) for 11km – 30min aprox. The trek starts going through a Cloud Forest with its outstanding Wax Palms until we  arrive  at the Paramo Ecosytem,  having seen 4 types of ecosytems along the way.

At a certain point of the route we will view the Nevado (snow-capped) del Tolima (5.210m) and Paramillo del Quindío (4.750m).

At the end of the day we will spend a good rest at a cozy family house up in the mountain. The next day we will start descending  along  a hilly way in direction to Cocora Valley taking a different route and viewing another Natural landscape. About 5pm we will be in Salento.


“Fantastic time!”, 12 marzo 2015

Awesome! Simply awesome! Highly recommend it. Strong or weak walkers, experienced or new to trekking, this is the place to go! Lots of experience for such a new company!