Border Glacier Shimmer at the Nevado del Tolima

(52,86 Km – 32,84 miles) 3 days, 2 nights

The Nevado del Tolima is a strato-volcano located on the south end of Los Nevados National Natural Park. The last major eruption took place about 3.600 years ago and only minor explosive eruptions have been recorded in the 19th and 20th centuries, the last one in 1943. With an altitude of 5.215 meters, it is the third highest volcano in Colombia.

On this 3-day hike we reach the border of the Glacier Shimmer on the western flank of this mountain, hiking amidst the impressive scenery of the Paramo, the ecosystem of the regions above the continuous forest line, but below the permanent snowline of the northern Andes of South America reaching a maximum altitude of 4.750 meters.

Minimum Height

(7.841 pies/ft)

Maximum Height

(16.404 pies/ft)

Distance traveled

Day 1: (A→B): 17,2 Km
Day 2: (B→C): 20,8 Km
Day 3: (B→A): 18,86 Km

A: Cocora Valley
B: Primavera
C: Glacier Shimmer N.Tolima


We have based the levels of skill requirement using a combination among the terrain conditions along with the methal and physical conditions of the participants for each trek.

These route is Demanding Mountain Hike



Take breakfast at 6:30 am at our agency before a Jeep picks you up at 7 am to bring you to the Cocora Valley at an altitude of 2.390 meters. The first day is marked by the ascent from the cloud forest to the Paramo. Our highest point today is at 3.800 meters and from there we walk a bit down to finally arrive at our destination at an altitude of 3.680 meters in the late afternoon.

On day 2, we start our hike at 7:00 am. At the beginning we will walk slightly up until being on 4.200 meters and then our final ascent to the border of the glacier Shimmer achieving our maximum altitude of 5.000 meters at around lunchtime. Then we start our way down returning to the farm.

The 3er day descending to the bottom and crossing the river, another 2 to 3 hours, we’re back in the Cocora Valley around 5pm walking down on a different trail of the first day having different view.


“Amazing trek to the glacier”, 31 enero 2015

I did the 3 days trek to the nevado del tolima glacier with palamo trek and the experience could not not have been better. The trek takes you through amazing scenery and the people from palamo trek take excellent care of you.